WBG Headline


WBG Power Semiconductor Headline No. 30 (Mar. 2)

●Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has strengthened the development of silver coat powder and improved the heat resistance there of aiming at its being used for the parts of cars. (from The Chemical Daily)

February 19, 2016


●Fujitsu Semiconductor has developed 4M Bit FRAM for Quad SPI. (Fujitsu Semiconductor’s Press Release)

February 18, 2016


●Semtech has released a chip set for the optical interconnect corresponding to maximum speed of 14Gbps. (from Product Announcement)

February 16, 2016


●Yano Research Institute announced that the diffusion of SiC/GaN power semiconductors might move into full swing later than 2020. (from EETimes Japan)

February 15, 2016


●Shikoku Chemicals Corporation has developed a new resin product for semiconductor sealing, whose glass transition temperature has been increased to 280℃, which is higher than its previous products by 30℃.(from The Chemical Daily)

February 15, 2016


●Wolfspeed has had its SiC MOSFET used in industrial-level battery chargers. (from Nikkei Technology)

February 9, 2016


●Toshiba has decided to keep the LSI and Discrete Semiconductor Division in office. (from Tech on)

February 9, 2016


●RICOH Electronic Devices has released a LDO Regulator IC equipped with the switching function of output voltage. (from RICOH Electronic Devices’ “Products and Services”)

February 8, 2016


●Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will release in May a package air conditioner “Slim ER” series, which has acquired the highest energy-efficient performance in the industry by mounting its low loss power semiconductor module “Full SiC DIPIPM”. (from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s Press Release)

February 5, 2016


●[Column] Market forecast of 2016: What will happen to the “More than Moore” market? (from Tech on)

February 5, 2016


●NEDO has won “Minister’s Prize of Economy, Trade and Industry” at the 36thawarding ceremony of Energy-Efficient Machinery Award for the results of its “New Material Power Semiconductor Realizing Low-Carbon Society Project”. (from NEDO’s Press Release)

February 4, 2016


●Diodes has released a 3.2W output monaural D class amplifier IC for smart phones, etc. (from Diodes’ News Release)

February 4, 2016


●Panasonic has announced the release of a CMOS sensor with organic thin film and APD. (from Monoist)

February 4, 2016


●TDK has developed a high-efficiency AC/DC power module “PFE1000FA” (from TDK’s Press Release)

February 3, 2016


●Wolfspeed of the U.S. will use SiC MOSFET for industrial-level battery chargers. (from Wolfspeed’s News Release)

February 1, 2016


●RIKEN has produced experimentally a dome-type solar battery/EL element by the ESC method. (from Yahoo japan news)(Cong)

February 1, 2016


●TI Japan has announced the release of a 100V industry’s first Side FET Driver product for high-voltage batteries. (from Texas Instruments Japan’s News Release)

February 2, 2016


●Yasukawa Electric Corporation has released a power conditioner “Enewell-WIN” series applicable to small-sized wind power generation systems. (from Yasukawa Electric’s Press Release)

January 25, 2016