What is WBGi consortium?

WBGi consortium promotes the following main efforts toward the diffusion across the world of energy-saving-technology for achieving the goal of the new environment criteria of COP21 while solving the common problems related to the practical use of Wide Band Gap Power Semiconductors through open innovation:

  1. Solves the problem with developing the heat-resistant packaging technology, which is a bottleneck against the practical use of Wide Band Gap Power semiconductors, by utilizing the power of the cooperation between businesses and universities.
  2. Helps Japan to assume the role of the innovation base for the practical use of Wide Band Gap Power Semiconductors and form the supply chain for the first time in the world.
  3. Immediately forms the groundwork, on which its safe and secure design with improved additional values can become a world standard, by clarifying the reliability criteria and the evaluation methods for the device.
  4. Performs the promotion activities aiming at standardizing the next generation device technology, while catching world trends immediately and sharing them with its members.

Members’ advantages

  1. Members can be informed of the latest trends in this field through the free lectures provided by different specialists in this field as well as of the Consortium’s promotion activities at the WBGi consortium Conference held 4 times annually.
  2. Members can be informed of the latest trends in this field through the prompt receipt of the “WBG Headline” sent on regular basis.
  3. The participation in WG (Working) enables members to recognize their own position by comparing the participating companies’ packaged parts, processes, test methods, etc. with the standard benchmarking samples and to make the results timely reflect their development, business, and sales strategies.

Classification of members

1General member
Regular members can participate in the WBGi consortium Conferences and promptly receive the “WBG Headline”. (Members’ advantages12)
2WG member
WG members are entitled to participating in WG activities as well as general members’ ones. (Members’ advantages123)
General member WG members
Admission fee (2016) 100,000 yen 100,000 yen
Annual fee (2016) 100,000 yen 300,000 yen

Admission method

Please send a mail with the title of “Application for the Membership of WBGi consortium” and an attached PDF file of Application Form to the WBGi consortium Office ( The Office will contact you back on the procedures later.

The osaka university research association of industry and science

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