JEUPISTE/Osaka University WBG-i symposium on Power Electronics

Hosted at the Delegation of the European Union to Japan 4-6-28 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047


DAY 1: “EU-Japan Cooperation in the Area of Next Generation Power Electronics Devices”

Dec. 15, Tuesday
Chairman: Prof. K. Suganuma
Time Title Speaker Affiliation
10:00 Welcome & Opening remarks H.E. Viorel Isticioaia-


Ambassador of the European Union to Japan
10:05 Prof. Y. Yagi Executive Vice President of Osaka University
Welcome speech
10:10-10:25 Welcome speech & EU-Japan STI cooperation Dr. L. Karapiperis Minister-Counsellor, Head of S&T Section, Delegation of the European Union to Japan
10:25-10:40 Power Electronics for Green Growth Mr. S. Takegami Director, Science and Technology Policy Planning Office, METI
R&D cooperation on power electronics and components technologies in the EU and Japan
10:40-11:00 Horizon 2020 and EU-Japan cooperation Mr. S. Lambrecht EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
11:00-11:30 Power Electronics in Europe: Opportunities for EU-Japan cooperation Mr. F.J. Ibañez DG CNECT, European Commission
11:30-12:00 JST Super Cluster Program  – Industry-Academia Collaborative R&D Program on SiC & GaN Power Electronics – Dr. A. Suzuki JST
Lunch break
Chairman: Prof. M. Ogura
Power electronics developments and expectations
13:00-13:20 Power Devices- A Driving Technology for Power Electronics Development The Role of ECPE Prof. L. Lorenz ECPE
13:20-13:40 Next Generation Power Electronics for Hybrid Vehicles Mr. K. Toda Toyota
13:40-14:00 Opportunities and Expectations for Future Power Electronics for MV Applications Dr. F. Canales ABB (Switzerland)
14:00-14:20 Progresses in technologies of power supply system and power devices to reduce power consumption of ICT equipment Dr. Y. Akiyama NTT laboratory
Coffee break
Chairman: Prof. M. Asada
15:00-15:20 Development of Humanoid Robot ASIMO Mr. S. Shigemi Honda R&D
15:20-15:40 Power Electronics – The systems perspective Mr. A. Donat Siemens (Germany)
15:40-16:00 R&D Activities at AIST/TIA-nano on future power electronics using WBG semiconductors Dr. H. Okumura AIST
16:00-16:20 Wide band gap activities at Infineon Dr. P. Friedrichs Infineon (Germany)
16:20-17:20 Panel discussion and Q&A

“What are the key facets for realizing next generation power electronic devices and EU-Japan cooperation in this area?”


Prof. L. Lorenz

Prof. T. Funaki




Osaka University


At the end of each session, there is the possibility for the audience to ask questions.

DAY 2: “WBG Power Devices with Advanced Interconnects for Green Technology”

Dec. 16, Wednesday
Chairman: Prof. T. Muramatsu
WBG semiconductors and modules
9:40-10:00 Development of SiC power devices and modules in Rohm Dr. H. Asahara Rohm
10:00-10:20 The Latest Power Module Packaging Technology for SiCs and New IGBTs Dr. Y. Takahashi Fuji Electric
10:20-10:40 The WBG limiting factors for automotive applications Mr. J.-M. Morelle Valeo (France)
Coffee break
Chairman: Prof. J. Lutz
11:00-11:20 DENSO R&D Activities on SiC Power Devices for Automotive Applications Mr. K. Tsuruta DENSO
11:20-11:40 WBG of STMicroelectronics Dr. L. Bartolomeo STMicroelectronics (Italy)
11:40-12:00 GaN-based Gate Injection Transistors for Power Switching Applications Dr. M. Ishida Panasonic
12:00-12:20 High Performance Joining Techniques for WBG Modules Dr. M. Guyenot Bosch (Germany)
Lunch Break
Chairman: Prof. F. Iannuzzo
Bonding materials & technology
13:20-13:40 A Compact Smart and Reliable SiC-based Power Inverter for Automotive Applications Dr. K. Brinkfeldt Swerea IVF (Sweden)
13:40-14:00 HT lead-free and sinter materials Mr. M. Ueshima Senju Metals
14:00-14:20 Interconnect Materials and Systems for WBG Semiconductors Mr. A. Miric Heraeus (Germany)
14:20-14:40 The Aluminum Direct Cooling Device for the Power semiconductor Mr. K. Minami Showa Denko
Coffee break
Chairman: Prof. S. Nagao
Reliability and process
15:10-15:30 Reliability Investigations on WBG Power Switches for Green Energy Applications Prof. F. Iannuzzo Aalborg University (Denmark)
15:30-15:50 Reliability Issues for New Generation Power Electronics Dr. H. Ohashi NPERC-J
15:50-16:10 Power Cycling Test Methods Prof. J. Lutz TU Chemnitz (Germany)
16:10-16:50 Panel discussion and Q&A

“What will make a breakthrough to establish standard materials/designs for WBG in EU-JP cooperation?”

Mr. F.J. Ibañez

Prof. K. Suganuma

Mr. A. Donat

Mr. K. Wilke

DG CNECT, European Commission

Osaka University



16:50-17:00 Closing remark Prof. K. Suganuma Osaka University